Our Team

Our Team

The people who work at Donaval Wealth Strategies have the knowledge and experience to help you pursue your financial goals.

Our staff is always ready to address your concerns, answer your questions, and help put you at ease.

Shannon Taggart


Shannon Taggart is the owner of Metro North Financial Services, Inc. Joining the team in 2004, Shannon came from a position at Edward Jones, where he worked with clients and specialized in retirement income and building wealth predictably. He took over management of Metro North Financial Services, Inc., in February 2006. Shannon's background started in economics and finance. He spent more than eight years working with financial institutions and international businesses before shifting his focus to individual investors in 2000. In his spare time, Shannon enjoys hiking, traveling, climbing mountains, racing in marathons and triathlons, volunteering at Common Hope, and spending time with family and friends. He and his family live in the Minneapolis area.

Donald P. Gutzman, CPA

Wealth Advisor

I was born and raised in Minnesota by a mail carrier (father) and a public school teacher (mother). I had 7 brothers and sisters, and we all learned that hard work was a requirement for success. I started my first job at 12 and saved enough money to put myself through Drake University. My work ethic molded me to become a service-oriented person, using my education, knowledge, skills, and work ethic to help others.

I specialized in tax preparation for 25 years in my CPA (certified public accountant) office. It was me vs. the IRS, and I wanted my clients to succeed! I successfully represented my clients before the IRS and sought out every legal deduction possible. I intended to maximize my client’s tax refunds. Why shouldn’t they get back all they deserve? I knew my client’s complete financial history and saw how their investments impacted their tax returns and their lifestyles.

I also saw “financial advisors” sell products to my tax clients that hurt their tax refunds, tied up their money, and threatened their financial future. They were “sold” a product, whether or not it made sense to them or was good for them. That’s why I became a financial advisor. After all, my clients were asking me about their financial products anyway.

As a wealth advisor and owner of Donaval Wealth Strategies, I now advocate for my clients to get the most out of their investments. I want my clients to understand what investments they have and how they work, along with how much risk they are taking. I intend for them to have a great financial future.

During my years of business, I developed 3 Guiding Principles:

  1. A Lifelong Pursuit of Knowledge: I believe that, if you stop learning, you start regressing. To that end, I put much time and effort into continuing education. I hone my skills in understanding the markets and developing investment strategies to benefit my clients each week. To share this knowledge, I meet with each client to review their portfolio, evaluating new opportunities or investments that would benefit them. I also host educational seminars throughout the year on many subjects.

  2. Strive for Excellence: I believe that each client deserves the best. I don’t want to be just “good” at what I do. I want to be excellent. Each client works hard for what they have, and I work hard to help them get the best return for the amount of risk they are willing to accept.

  3. Maintain Integrity In All Relationships: Integrity comes from earning a person’s trust. It must be intentional. My goal is to become your trusted advisor, and I do this by intentionally maintaining the highest standards and always doing what is right for my client.   

I utilize my expertise as a CPA to implement tax-advantaged solutions to investment strategies. I am able to understand complex financial issues and products and can explain how they can impact your goals and objectives. I can work with your estate attorney and your CPA to accomplish your goals. My passion, knowledge, and experience can bring the needed expertise to your investment portfolios.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing softball, traveling, and sailing. I also love using my analytical skills in fantasy football. I teach in the children’s program at church and volunteer at the Casa Romantica and the Dana Point Symphony. I am happily married for 31 years and enjoy spending time with my wife and my daughter.

Val Gutzman

Executive Assistant

I joined Donaval in 2013 as the marketing coordinator and manager. As a retired music teacher, I am a master organizer. I enjoy getting things in order and work hard to make sure that everything runs smoothly. I ensure that all paperwork and documents are in proper order. 

My passion is playing the piano. I love traveling, photo-booking, and taking walks along the ocean beach. I am married and have one grown daughter.