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Here's what you can expect:



At your first meeting, we will get to know each other. You can ask any questions or raise concerns you have. We will discuss your plans and goals and what you’d like to accomplish. We will gather information to get a financial snapshot of where you are. We’ll discuss such things as: Do you own a home or rent? Do you have a mortgage and/or investment properties? Do you own investments? What is your current income? Do you have a will?

You will take a short risk questionnaire to evaluate what your comfort level is with various types of products. Materials that would be helpful to bring would be your most recent tax return, investment and retirement savings accounts, insurance policies, and other basic documents. If you want to continue, we will then set up our next meeting, which, again, is no-cost and obligation-free.


We’ll review all the goals, information, and concerns from our first meeting and review your current situation, as well as collect any information. You will receive a suggested plan of action, based on your goals and desires. We’ll make sure that you have all your questions answered and work with you until you’re completely satisfied with your plan. If you like what you see, we’ll schedule another meeting to complete the necessary paperwork.


Once you've decided to work with us, we will review your personalized plan and information from previous meetings and answer any questions you have. You’ll then sign all necessary paperwork to get your investments/plan working for you. We’ll make sure you understand your plan, and how to use the tools available to you, such as your client website portal. You can be assured that our relationship will not stop there. We will be contacting you on a regular basis to review your plan and ensure that it stays current and aligned with any changes in your personal, professional, or financial life.

Request an obligation-free, no-cost consultation to find out how we can help you.

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